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With the publication of the TIEMPO LATINOAMERICANO MAGAZINE, since 1982, at the end of the Argentine military dictatorship, a group of Christians from Cordoba, with an ecumenical, pluralistic and liberating perspective, offers its pages to grassroots communities, parishes, youth movements, of women and social, union and political organizations, recovering the memory of the martyr Bishop Enrique Angelelli. Its motto with one ear in the Gospel and another in the People inspires the purpose of revitalizing the commitment for a just, fraternal and solidarity society. Its pages encourage, the social, political and biblical-theological debate; there also share theoretical reflections and experiences of popular, local, national and Latin American organization.

The struggles, contradictions and challenges present in popular processes opened up to issues such as participatory democracy, indigenous peoples, human rights, and care for the environment, gender and construction of Latin American martyrology.

Editorial (Novembre 2020). The Task of Social Friendship

Revista nº107This reminder of John 15:13 is the core of social friendship. It surpasses individual intentions to become community obligation. The call is plural. The mandate of Jesus cannot be fulfilled without choosing a collective march, in community, organized as a people to make bread, shelter, housing, health, freedom and other conditions of humanity possible... Read more...

Editorial (July 2020). The Bread of the Poor

Revista nº106The COVID19 pandemic, which in all parts of the world particularly affects the lives of the most impoverished, also in our country and the Latin American continent, once again called into question the unjust foundations of the society in which we live... Read more...

March 24th. To Remember

Video 24 de marzo

"We need the memory of the injustices and abuses suffered, to encourage us to defend justice and law in all areas and for all equally.

We need the memory of the fallacies, silences and lies with which the genocide was intended to be concealed, to make us aware of the families destroyed, the homes mutilated, the entire society run over, will not be restored without truth and sincerity". 24 de marzo. ¿Y si ensayamos la memoria? - Revista Tiempo Latinoamericano n°59 - Mayo de 1998. Read more...